Have a question about our brand? 
Here's a list of FAQ's which we hope helps you.
If you have a question that's not listed, please email us at info@SevenEvenClothing.com and we'll get right back to you!

What does Seven Even mean?
Seven represents the seven colors of the rainbow. Even represents equality.

There are six colors in the LGBTQ Pride rainbow. Why do you have seven?
There are seven colors in a typical rainbow (ROYGBIV). We at Seven Even truly believe that rainbows provide a balance of color, energy and hope after a storm. Rainbows in their true form are natural and so is being gay!

How does the logo 7E represent the LGBTQ community?
The '7' represents the seven colors of the rainbow aka you; someone who is part of the LGBTQ community. The ‘E’ represents equality. When looking at the ‘E’ in our logo, you will find the two bottom lines are a bit thicker than the top, making it an equal sign.  

Can straight people wear your brand?
Of course! We love having our allies representing and showing support. We have plenty of people who are not part of our community that purchase and wear Seven Even Clothing proudly.

Do you have any products with rainbows?
Yes we do have some rainbow designs, however they are not our main focal point like other LGBTQ brands. We do this because our brand carries your pride through our logo, 7E. 

Are you trying to replace what the rainbow means to the LGBTQ community?
Absolutely not! We know what significance the rainbow has to our community. We are simply adding another layer of representation. Some people are still in the process of coming out, coming to terms, and/or becoming comfortable with living their truth. Our brand allows you to wear your pride subtly yet out loud.

So, your brand is kind of ‘think outside the box’?
Precisely! Sometimes you have to think outside the box. A lot of big box stores tend to slap a rainbow on apparel during the month of June and call it a show of support and/or representation. We at Seven Even believe you should have many ways of wearing your pride year round. We put a spin on LGBTQ designs.