We work hard to give you a unique way to represent your LGBT Pride.

Our collection is filled with Pride items that relate to you as a human being.

Represent YOU and your PRIDE through our logo, 7E.

What We Represent



  • "Just got home from work and a WONDERFUL package was waiting for me! I am so grateful for the tank top, thank you so much! I am so impressed with Seven Even and I am definitely making another order (tomorrow is payday! :) I love everything and I am so excited to be able to show pride, but not always have to wear rainbows! Thank you again SO MUCH for everything, and for always responding so quick!"
    - Minnesota
  • "I was at the gym the other morning and I was wearing my 7E snap-back and while running on the treadmill this female walked by me and said. "I'm a Seven too!" She winked at me and kept on walking! It was such a great feeling."
    - New York
  • "I think starting your own clothing company geared towards the LGBT community was a bold and thoughtful move. The clothing is simple, has a strong statement and is understood among us in the community. Keep it goin'!"
    - California
  • "So the other morning I came downstairs rocking my new sweatpants and t-shirt and they led me to have probably the first open conversation about my sexuality with my mom and sister. They've known for a few years now and we just don't talk about it but we finally did. I guess I'm trying to say thank you. You make more than just clothing."
    - Florida