• "I'm a fan of your brand because I love what I read at first glance, "less rainbow, more human." With getting older each year, the rainbows and sparkle are not the life for me. I want to be a good ass human and I love that this is what your brand is all about."
    - North Carolina
  • "I truly love your company and I will continue to be a repeat customer for sure. I definitely will always be wearing your gear whether while Iā€™m training or I'm at an event! Not a lot of LGBT clothing company's like yours. Your logo, 7E is such a great conversation starter!"
    - Minnesota
  • "I was at the gym the other morning and I was wearing my 7E snap-back and while running on the treadmill this female walked by me and said. "I'm a Seven too!" She winked at me and kept on walking! It was such a great feeling."
    - New York