Lesbian Visibility Week 2022


HAPPY Lesbian Visibility Week!

“I’ve found that the more visible and authentic I am about myself, the more it encourages others to be the same.”

  • Christie Smith

Lesbian Visibility day started as an annual celebration in 1990 out of lesbians’ frustrations with LGBT men having high visibility than LGBT women. The original intent was intended to gain awareness and sociopolitical capital. The first week was coordinated by a committee and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center and used to raise awareness of lesbian identities and topics. The celebration was a “combination of cultural programming, workshops addressing current and impending needs, awards ceremonies, and social events”. Events during this first week included film screening, safe sex discussions, dog shows, marches, and more.  Since this first celebration the movement has progressed and become larger on a global scale – including Lesbian Visibility Week that was created in 2020. 

This day/week allows for us to feel recognized, safe, and visible in a world that still discriminates against us. It is so important because it allows young people to know they are not alone, that they have a place, that there are so many of us that are just like them. It is a week to celebrate us just being us. 

To see all the virtual events that are going on this week check out this link! https://www.lesbianvisibilityweek.com/lvw-events-2021

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