"We create everyday Pride wear for everyday people! We are a mainstream Pride brand that you can proudly wear anywhere all-year-long. Instead of the obvious rainbow and sexualized shirts, we created a logo that carries your Pride and create meaningful designs." - Gina Pecoraro, Creator

It all started when 7E creator, Gina Pecoraro's friend, Mike started calling her a seven. This was a nickname that he would call her every chance he had. Anytime a number seven would pop-up, he would tease her about it and tell her "You're a Seven!" This went on for a few weeks before he told her what seven meant.

He said, "You're a Seven! Seven is the number of letters in the word lesbian so you're a lesbian!" Mike, gay himself was calling Gina out on something that she wasn't ready to either acknowledge or accept about herself. He was calling Gina out on her sexuality. Gina went on without paying any attention to who she really felt that she was deep down inside.

In that time, Gina met a wonder guy and after dating for 2 years, they got married in 2005. After getting married and living the life she thought she was meant to live, Gina came out nine months later. First, she told her husband, then her friends and then family. Her husband took the news with a kind heart as he was such a kind human being and he actually helped her through it all. You would think that he would have been the last person to understand and help her through something like this but he did and Gina is forever thankful for that.

A few years after coming out, Gina noticed that everything that represented the LGBT community was just rainbows and the random sexualized shirts. This was not in any way Gina's style, so she took her art talents to create something for the community for those who weren't rainbow lovers like herself. This is when Seven Even Clothing was born.

Gina took the nickname that once drove her crazy and made a brand out of it! She took the name, seven and designed the logo, 7E. Seven representing the seven colors of the rainbow, and E representing equality. Gina isn't trying to take away what the rainbow means to the queer community, but she's just adding another layer to it. Now, queer people can wear their Pride through the 7E logo and mainstream designs anywhere, all-year-long!

Since 2008, Gina has sold all over the world and has been providing our community with an alternative to Pride wear! In the words of Gina, "Be Proud. Be Strong. #IMASEVEN".


Mike & Gina


7E Creator, Gina


Gina's Wedding