Seven Life: Decal

$ 7.99

We live the "Seven Life!" We live within the LGBT community but our lives aren't different than anyone else although others may think so. So lets play the game of how "different" we really are.

Stick this sticker on your car, notebook, snowboard, bike, locker, phone, backpack, etc. and show how similar we really are! We do the same things that everyone else does. So lets show them.


"Seven Life" printed as a sticker. Font is in color black. The "E" in the words are represented by the "E" in our logo, 7E with the 3 horizontal lines which represent equality.

*When choosing the white decal, it has a black background so the decal is visible. When purchasing, there is no black background surrounding the decal. It's just pure white cut just like the other colored decals.



  • Vinyl that is indoor and outdoor safe