• Run, Seven, Run!

Run, Seven, Run!

This is our first design in our work out collection called, Seven Performance.

Seven Performance is to show that we can perform in the sports world and dominate not only as a female but as someone who is part of the LGBT community! 

The figure is running on top of the "E" part of our logo, 7E with rainbow wind coming off of her. On the bottom of the logo you'll notice the Seven Perform is in white and the "ance" from the word performance is in black. That's to show that us "Sevens" perform and do things that everyone else does! And of course our logo, 7E is on the hip of the figure  This tee is breathable and wicks away moisture


  • 3.7 oz. fabric weight
  • 100% polyester wicking knit
  • Moisture management properties
  • The wicking knit will wick away moisture for superior performance and breath-ability