7E Logo Phone Ring Transgender

Put a ring on it and show your LGBTQ Pride with transgender colors! The Ringr is a handy-dandy, multi-purpose accessory for your phone or tablet. Use it as a kickstand, a selfie aid or to get a grip on larger gadgets. A mount hook is also included so you can mount your device to your wall or vehicle for hands-free usability.


• 1.7" x 1.3" x 0.3" 
• Holds Up to 15lbs
• Rotates a Full 360-Degrees
• Functions As Horizontal and Vertical Kickstand
• Strong Adhesive Back Gives Extra Protection to Your Device
• Includes Car Dash Mount Hook for Hands-Free Driving


*Domestic purchases ship FREE!

*Seven stands for the number of letters in the word lesbian and the seven colors of the rainbow. Even represents equality making up our logo, 7E.

$ 15.50