7: Represents the seven letters in the word, lesbian.
7: Represents the seven colors of the rainbow, ROYGBIV.
7: Represents the seven letters in the word rainbow.
E: Represents equality.
Logos run business.
Whether the logo is for your favorite brand, organization, company
or school, you have some sort of connection to it. It’s a design that
makes you connect to what it is that it stands for.
When you choose to wear our logo, 7E you’re choosing to represent
your unique self with a design that means something to you. We all
want to feel like we belong somewhere or to something. When you wear
Seven Even Clothing, you’re wearing a logo that represents who you are
and holds a ton of meaning. We aren’t about rainbows and the obvious
designs making it known that you’re part of the LGBT community.
We’re providing apparel and accessories that are mainstream that can
be worn everywhere you go without worries about looks and comments
that some of us know all too well. We provide a sense of Pride through a simple logo, 7E.
Our logo stands for LGBT Pride and equality.