7E Tattoo x LGBTQ Athlete,Cody Galloway

Seven Even Clothing creator, Gina Pecoraro finally got to meet gay athlete, Cody Galloway in person after a year of working together via social media and over the phone. We talked about LGBTQ Pride and tattoos including his newest, our logo 7E! See why he got it and what our LGBTQ company means to him.

Seven Even Clothing x LGBTQ Athlete, Cody Galloway

We sponsor gay athlete, Cody Galloway. This our our very first professional ad shot by the very talented videographer, Jeff Mozey who's done work with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Green Day, Metallica and much more! In this video you will see Cody Galloway wearing everything Seven Even Clothing including his work out clothes that we collaborated on. 

Kick for a Better Tomorrow Kickball Event

Our very first kickball event, Kick For A Better Tomorrow kickball fundraiser! We raised $600 for the It Gets Better Project in 2012. 

Sevens Are Everywhere

This ad is to show that "sevens" are everywhere.
We are your police officers, doctors and teachers. It's to show that we come in all different races, backgrounds and professions.