Cody Galloway is a gay man fighting in the MMA making a name for himself.
Cody was incredibly athletic growing up. He excelled at every sport he played - soccer, baseball and even basketball. However, he had a truly extraordinary gift in baseball. A gift that opened up doors to potentially do something great with his life.

But Cody struggled with his family. He was pushed so hard to succeed that he hit a breaking point. He struggled, thinking he would never be good enough, and he took another path. He made choices that landed him in trouble, rather than on the field. He was getting into fights rather than taking the pitcher’s mound.

Eventually, he ended up in jail diversion programs to help change his life.
Through all of this chaos, Cody was also fighting an internal battle, eventually coming out as a gay male in a world that was not ready for him. The backlash was immediate, and harsh. Cody’s friends and family alike refused to accept him and he was never able to find common ground with his own mother before she passed away.

At the time, Cody was exploring a music career that allowed him to channel his pain into his performances. But, he soon found himself leaving the stage for the bar, and eventually, back to where he started - in the streets getting into fights.

Only now, he was also battling his inner demons of alcoholism.
Eventually, Cody hit rock bottom. He had to make a decision about what kind of life he wanted for himself. A life in the streets, wasting his talents and drinking himself to an early death - or a life with meaning. Cody chose a life of meaning.

Cody chose a life focused on health and happiness. He shed himself of toxic relationships. He stopped drinking. An unstoppable determination grew in him to use his talents to make a better life.

With the help of his team, and his husband, Joe, Cody found his calling. He got himself back to the original roots of who he is at the core - an athlete. With new goals and new determination, Cody is here to stay.

Seven Even Clothing x LGBTQ Athlete, Cody Galloway

We sponsor gay athlete, Cody Galloway. This our our very first professional ad shot by the very talented, Jeff Mozey who's done work with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Green Day, The Fray and much more! In this video you will see Cody Galloway wearing everything Seven Even Clothing including his work out clothes that we collaborated on.

7E Tattoo x LGBTQ Athlete, Cody Galloway

Seven Even Clothing creator, Gina Pecoraro finally got to meet gay athlete, Cody Galloway in person after a year of working together via social media and over the phone. We talked about LGBTQ Pride and tattoos including his newest, our logo 7E! See why he got it and what our LGBTQ company means to him.