Complete Magazine Cover

For those of you that know, MMA Fighter & Boxer, Cody Galloway was first a huge fan of Seven Even Clothing. After we met and starting talking, we decided to come together and collaborate to help one another make a difference within the LGBTQ community. We’ve done some pretty cool things together but this is the BIG ONE!

We were contacted by the LGBTQ sports magazine, Compete Magazine and while talking, I spoke about Cody and what we’ve been doing and how we extended 7E to an athletic brand which is, 7E Part of the Pack. Long story short, Cody made the COVER of Compete Magazine! He was interviewed and spoke about himself, his struggles and how Seven Even Clothing made a difference in his life. The article is so touching and shows that the LGBTQ community doesn’t all fit in this bubble everyone thinks.

This magazine is about the gay athletes who compete in the professional world to the recreational world. The LGBTQ community is everywhere making a difference!

Can't wait to see what's next!