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Seven Even Advocate, Amanda!

Amanda Williams is our very first Seven Even Advocate! We started this program to help spread the love people have for our brand and most importantly, spread the love people have for the LGBT community. We wanted to bring people together by showing that those who are and aren't part of our community, are all the same. Maybe their story can help you or someone you love!
Applicants are hand-picked by us and they have the option to choose what item they will receive to help promote. Amanda chose our Branded tee and we have to say, she looks amazing in it!
We interviewed Amanda in the application process and here's what she had to say.
Who is Amanda?
"My name is Amanda. I'm soon to be 28 years old with two girls and the wife of my dreams. My number one passion is being a mom. As a blogger, I love sharing the things that are most important in my life and being honest about who I am and what my life and my family's life is all about. I love to cook, collect and buy things from companies I can stand behind, and I'll endlessly be on a journey of self love and living life to the fullest."
What makes you a fan of our brand and why do you want to work with us?
"I'm a fan of your brand because I love what I read at first glance, "less rainbow, more human." With getting older each year, the rainbows and sparkle are not the life for me. I want to be a good ass human and I love that this is what your brand is all about. Plus, your clothing is something I want to wear and I will be proud as hell to represent always."
In your opinion, what's one of the biggest problems that people of the LGBT community face today?
"That's a tough one. I think every single journey is different and every lifestyle leads to problems others may not relate to. Being that my family and I are an openly gay/military family, there's never a dull moment. It's something that can be extremely hard at times realizing how sexist the world is. Going to a marriage retreat via the Army and being the only single gay couple out of all the married couples was one of the most tough weekends. We are always the only gay family at Army events and getting those looks, it is what it is and we own it and rock the hell out of it. So for me, from my point of view, what my family goes though, its something simple. Acceptance. True and utter acceptance that we are simply human beings."
Why is it important to you to help spread our message?
"It's important to be to help spread your message because it's my every day life. I'm a prideful human, I want to own who I am. I want to make others feel good and let them know that there is a safe space out there, a community, a family."
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