| Gina Pecoraro

We're in the I Bud You Store!

Seven Even Clothing has been picked up by the, Johno Show which is a cannabis infused cultural talk show and an I Bud You Production.


We cannot be more excited for this incredible opportunity! Back in 2019, we started working with LGBT Athlete, Cody Galloway. Cody, being an MMA Fighter/Boxer, uses cannabis and CBD oil to help recoup from his grueling workouts and fights. Cody started working with John from the Johno Show and recently taped a segment about how he uses cannabis and CBD oil daily to help aid in his recovery process. This segment is the first taping that will be submitted and hopefully be picked up by Netflix!


How do we come into play in all of this? Well, for the taping, Cody was wearing everything Seven Even Clothing! As you may know, we proudly sponsor Cody and he wears our logo, 7E in the ring, during workouts and has also brought us along for the ride during his interview for the show. This is how we got to meet John from the Johno Show. John became a big fan of our company that we wanted to start working with us!


So with this, The Johno Show who works with the I Bud You Shop, has picked up our clothing line to sell on their online store and at their pop-up shops! 


We believe in the benefits of cannabis and CBD oil and have seen first hand by working with Cody Galloway. So being an LGBTQ company and being able to work with an LGBT athlete and now with the Johno Show and I Bud you shop, I'm floored! So many things to come so stay tuned! Below are some photos from taping day with Cody and the Johno Show!


Love & Pride, Gina Pecoraro, Creator of 7E

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